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Our mission has always been to care for the “Wilderness, Wildlife, and Waters” along the path of the John Muir Trail. We are changing our name to reflect this commitment, not just to the trail itself but to the unique and fragile landscapes and habitats that it traverses.
The John Muir Trail Foundation is now known as the JMT WILDERNESS CONSERVANCY.

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Did you see this ad in National Geographic magazine? Thank you to Sierra Nevada Brewing for highlighting our foundation and the plight of the John Muir Trail. “Each year, federal funding for trails shrinks while their popularity soars – our gateways to adventure, eroding beneath our feet.”
You can help support our work with a donation.

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Emma, Jill and I spent a day backcountry skiing around Tahoe getting ready for an Eastern Sierra trip on the JMT next week. It was one of those golden days of skiing, fresh snow, cold temps and clouds gathering. At the end of the last climb, we all popped a can of Hop Bullet Double IPA Sierra Nevada Brewing which we had stowed in our backpacks. What a day!
- Gillian

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