The Conservancy’s mission is grounded in four pillars:

✱ Repairing and conserving degraded wilderness, fragile meadows, sensitive habitat, ephemeral drainage and critical watershed in order to restore the natural processes for the JMT region’s ecological health;

✱ Supporting and improving regional management of the sharply-increasing visitor use, incorporating satellite-based device technologies and a consistent IT platform for cross-regional efficiencies;

✱ Providing master plans for improved visitor logistics at major trailheads, including improved educational signage and public facilities that are sustainable at high-elevation, much of which has not been upgraded for more than 30 years;

✱ Providing public education on three fronts: 1. teaching the “best practices” for traveling through wilderness, faithfully “leaving no trace”;  2. collaboratively documenting cultural artifacts and supporting the preservation of the 5,000-year history of indigenous cultures;  and 3. restoring the storied past of the JMT as America’s first and oldest recreational hiking trail.